Pumps and Rings

Penis Pumps or Vaccuum Erectile Devices (VED's)
Most of us, if spending any time in a sex shop or paging through the
back of adult magazines, have seen these wonders of modern
technology. Look at the colors! Look at the size! Look at the size
they promise!
Let's start with reasons why anyone would choose to use a pump to obtain a usable erection.
Statue of Priapus in
Ephesus Museum.
It's obvious that these pumps offer untold hours of ecstasy and will
transform your perfectly normal male appendage into a phallus of
Priapic proportion. Hate to break it to you, but it's just not that easy.

Less chance of problems. The risk of side effects or complications is the lowest of any
erectile dysfunction treatment.
The Electric - Battery powered pumps are the ultimate in ease of use. Just
press a small button on the head of the pump and it does all the work.
Electric pumps offer all the bells and whistles any serious pumper could
want. Aside from fully regulated suction and various settings, they offer a
more or less hands-free pumping experience.
OK! If there are so many wonderful reasons to use a penis pump, why aren't they a natural choice
for all guys? Well, the fact is, penis pumps, or Vacuum Erectile Devices (VED's) have gotten a bad rap
from the above mentioned porn shops and late night infomercials. The average consumer sees
pumps as simply a way for less-than-secure men to compensate for perceived shortcomings. Contrary
to the ubiquitous marketing, they do NOT really make a huge difference in penis size. Yes, they will
make a flaccid penis look downright pendulous if used right before presenting yourself to your
partner. But the ensuing erection only firms up what is already there. Anecdotal evidence suggests
that if used at least once a day for many months, erections will get
slightly larger, but the effect goes
away in a few days if pumping is discontinued.
But let's assume that your curiosity is piqued and we want to explore the use of VED's beyond
recreational toys.
There are five basic types of VED's.
The Squeeze Ball - The squeeze ball appears to be the most common type of
pump and the most widely used - at least among the sex shop models. A
rubber squeeze ball, such as that used to pump up a blood pressure cuff in
the doctor's office, is attached to an air valve, then to a hose which attaches
to the tube. With the air valve closed, the ball is squeezed and air is removed
from the tube creating a vacuum. The more times you squeeze, the stronger
the suction becomes. To release the pressure, simply open the air valve.
The Plunger - This works a lot like a bicycle tire pump. Generally on only
the least expensive sex shop pumps, but Encore uses the plunger system on
its OTC manual model. Probably worth spending a few more dollars to get a
system that does not require quite so vigorous physical effort.
The Hand Grip - Considered by many to be the best for OTC manual penis
pumping, the grip type pump is quite popular with those who have tried
more than one. Hand grip penis pumps are said to be better at regulating
The lever pump - Used by many medical grade manufacturers, the lever
lies along the body of the pump freeing up the other hand for more
interesting activities. Generally considered to be the best of the manual
If you're beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with just these choices, don't worry, it gets a lot worse.
Because of the huge money making potential of capitalizing on male sexual aides, there are an
enormous number of VED's on the market. Of course, they all do pretty much the same thing. It's
safe to say, though, that they fall into two major categories: The sex shop pumps intended to increase
the size of the penis as well as keep blood flowing after surgery; and the medical pumps intended to
enable men to have intercourse. They can all do the former, but not all can accomplish the latter.

We cannot begin to discuss the thousands of sex shop pumps on the market. The fact is, they are
relatively quite inexpensive ($25-$60), so if you have to try one or two until you find one you like, you
are not out all that much money. There are a handful of medical grade pumps, but even they are
overwhelming. Most companies have both an OTC line and a more expensive line which most guys
use if insurance will pay for it.
To Begin...
OK. You've done your research, talked to your doctor or perhaps you're a lone ranger and have just
picked one off the internet. You put the thing together and you're all set to give it a test run. The
VED comes with a booklet with some diagrams. Many of the good VED's even come with a DVD
showing a live model using the pump. It looks so easy and neat. So, you load on the constriction ring,
get things lubed up. You stick your penis into it, start pumping and one of two things usually
happens. The most common? Nothing happens. The next likely thing? Your scrotal tissue and
perhaps even one testicle get sucked up into the cylinder and you experience pain like you've never
felt before. Isn't life grand? What price we're willing to pay for sex! This is going to take some practice
- LOTS of practice.
First - you need to prepare your work area. You definitely need to trim and/or shave the
pubic hair around the base of your penis. There is nearly universal agreement on this.
How to Trim or Shave Your PUBES.
Second - make sure you have a good seal between your body and the pump cylinder. You
can achieve this by using lots of lube or, best of all, the foam penis sleeve from
USAmediquip. Standing or sitting are the best positions.
Let's face it - VED's are pretty barbaric and can be a real challenge to master. They absolutely will
give you a usable erection, but there are some built in challenges. Getting a good seal that is
painless is vital. The constriction ring snaps off the cylinder and onto your dick. If you're lucky, it's
not too bad. But it can pinch and even bruise your shaft.
There is a company in Ann Arbor, Michigan that found a brilliant
solution to these problems. You are STRONGLY encouraged to not
even begin using a VED until you have purchased some key items
from them.
John Marchello, consultant for USAmediquip, had surgery for PCa in 1999. Erectile function did not
return so he tried everything in the ED arsenal. For over thirty years, John had worked in Durable
Medical Equipment Design. He made it his mission to find the best and the ultimate device, therapy,
or treatment that will help men and women living with ED get back to full, loving and enjoyable
intimate sex. In his own journey, he had avoided vacuum therapy because of the seemingly
unromantic complexity of mechanical devices and the techniques to be mastered. When he finally
tried them, and mastered the various techniques, he found that vacuum therapy "lifted his sexual
performance to new heights, to new bliss."
John Marchello invented two major additions to the ED world. The first is the
Prelude. The Prelude is a penile therapy aid which can be used in combination with
every other kind of treatment, as well as penile rehab for immediately after surgery.
It is essentially a very flexible sheath which goes over the penis, seals at the base of
the penis and acts as a low pressure pump to pull blood into the penis. USAmediquip
also supplies stretching exercises to keep tissue flexible and to help avoid fibrosis,
which can cause shortening of the penis. The University of Michigan Hospital gives
a Prelude to every PCa surgery patient.
The Prelude
Another major invention is a Foam Penile Sleeve which is used with the
pump. A poor seal at the base of the penis and excess tissue and testicles
getting pulled up into the VED are the biggest complaints men have with VED
therapy. This sleeve takes care of all those complaints. The sleeve comes in
three different lengths for comfort.
The lubricated penis goes through the sleeve and the flat part lies against the body. The pump forms
an airtight seal against this flange base. No body parts get pulled into the VED. The constriction ring
snaps off the VED cylinder and around the sleeve - not directly on the penis. This makes the whole
event far more comfortable and just as effective. The sleeve also acts as a splint to help hold the
penis in a natural position. Most men complain of a "hinge" effect behind the constriction ring. This
makes many couple's favorite Missionary Position very challenging. The Foam Sleeve helps solve
this problem. If you're going to try vacuum therapy, make sure this is in your tool box.
Let's face it, VED's are all based on the same system. But the key to success is finding one that fits
your abilities (manual dexterity, comfort with the whole process) as well as your anatomy. The
constriction rings are all different. Finding the right size and the right fit is key. Like anything in
life; practice makes perfect. Some men get so good at it, that they are able to get a usable erection in
a matter of 3-4 minutes. With regular use, the penis responds more quickly to the pump.
Third - allow enough time. Unless you are a real pro, pumping must be done
in stages. Pump it up a little bit - let it quietly pull the blood into the penis
for a few minutes, then release the pressure and let the blood flow out.
Resume pumping. You will be surprised at how quickly the penis fills this
time. Do this at least three times when you are a novice at pumping.
Prepare the VED according to the manufactures instructions. Get the constriction ring in
place and lube things up.
Fourth - When your penis has reached full erection (Nice thing about the pump, is that
your penis can be way past its normal erection size!), slide the constriction ring off the
pump and onto your penis. As the seal breaks, you may lose some size. The answer to this
is replace the VED onto the penis (you may have to fold the constriction band 'wings' into
the cylinder) and give a few more pumps to get it back to your desired size and firmness.
Release the pump and you are ready to go.
Knock yourself out! Intercourse can't last more than 20-30 mins. The constriction ring MUST be
removed by 30 minutes or you can really damage your favorite appendage. Pull the two wings out and
open up the constriction ring. Slide it off. Or, if you prefer, there are single use rings which rip off.
Some guys take a break for an hour and pump up for sex again. There will be no ejaculate. The
constriction ring will prevent that. But, when you take off the ring, be prepared for some fluid to come
out - usually semen, or even urine if you are a PCa guy.
How to...
The Fine Print...
Video of
guy pumping
(coming soon)
Like everything in life, there are a few caveats...or things that you should just know.
Although penis pumps are safe for most men, there are some potential risks:
If you take blood-thinning medications (Coumadin or aspirin for example), you could
injure yourself and cause bleeding.
A penis pump may not be safe if you have sickle cell anemia or another blood disorder that
makes you susceptible to blood clots or bleeding.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and decide that the vast majority of guys are dealing with neither
of these issues. So, with that out of the way, there are just a few side effects that you need to keep in
mind. None of them are deal breakers, but take it easy and you'll avoid them.
Drawbacks to using a VED:
Pinpoint-sized red dots caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis.
Numbness, coldness or bluish-colored skin when the constriction band is in place
Lack of firmness behind the constriction ring at the base of the penis, which can cause a
hinge effect. (The foam penile sleeve can help with this.)
Pain or bruising of the penis
Unnatural feeling erection. Penis pumps can cause an erection that doesn't feel natural or
spontaneous for some guys.
Awkwardness. Use of a penis pump requires patience and understanding from both you and
your partner. It may take some time to become comfortable with the device.
Manual dexterity is required. Penis pumps require use of the hands and fingers to operate,
which can be a problem for some men if they have arthritis. (USAmediquip makes a
constriction ring releaser which helps with this immensely.)
Feeling of trapped semen. You may feel like your semen is trapped when you ejaculate.
Some manufacturers make constriction rings with a small cutout that may help with this.
Obviously, PCa guys have no issue with this.
Foam Penile Sleeve
Ask other guys who have used them.
You're all set...
Now comes the hard part. Choosing a VED. Most VED companies have a great system where you
give them your doctor's info and they take care of all the insurance work. Most insurance
companies and Medi-care pay for VED's. There is a multitude of models and makers. Once you
choose yours, practice, practice, practice. Start off alone so you can experiment. The first attempt
at sex should be done with a good sense of humor. You will get good at it and in no time, you will be
able to produce flawless erections for hours of fun. If things still don't work, ask for help and advice.
Post your questions here and guys will help you out.
Very highly effective. With proper use, it is nearly 100% effective at producing a
usable erection! (Proper training required!)
It's all natural. No chemicals, no drugs, no hormones, no animal by-products and it's
even Vegan approved!
No drug interactions. If you are on blood pressure medicine, Nitrates for heart health,
or any other drug, there is no drug interaction problem as there are with oral meds.
Benefits following surgery. Using a penis pump may help you regain sexual function
after surgery to remove your prostate (radical prostatectomy) or after radiation therapy.
If you have a prostatectomy or surgery for Peyronie's disease, using a penis pump may
maintain the length and girth of your penis.
A penis pump can be used with other treatments. You can use a penis pump along
with Oral Meds, Trimix Gel, or a penile implant.
Penis pumps are noninvasive. Penis pumps don't require surgery, injections or
inserting medication into the tip of your penis.
Cost. After the initial purchase, using a penis pump costs less than any other type of
erectile dysfunction treatment.
Combination Therapy
Therapy and Rehab Use of Pump
After prostate surgery, many men will be instructed to use the pump for penile rehab. This is
because the area of the prostate is jam packed with blood vessels. In fact, for open surgery, men
usually donate a few pints of their own blood to be used during surgery since it is expected that there
will be considerable blood loss. After surgery, the blood flow to the penis has been seriously
compromised. The body needs a few months to rebuild the supply. In those few months, the penis can
be starved for blood and the smooth muscle tissue that causes erections can atrophy and develop
fibrosis. This results in not only poorer erections, but also an atrophied (shortened) penis.
Using the pump twice a day for 10-15 minutes will go a long way to preventing atrophy and fibrosis. In
this use, no rings are used. In fact, the best pumps to use are from the sex shop. These pumps
usually have some sort of cuff (often in highly suggestive shapes!) which seals around the bottom of
the penis. This makes it easy and quick to use. You will still need a bit of lube on the penis, but it
can be done quickly and does not even require taking your pants off. There was even one guy who
had a private office and locked the door for 15 minutes every afternoon! Some guys do use a ring and
will pump after their shower and put on a ring while they shave.
Another great time is in the morning shower. The sex shop pumps can
easily get wet. As you get into the shower, lather up your penis, start
pumping and then once it forms a tight seal, let go. It becomes a hands
free operation. The pumps are very light weight and are not
uncomfortable just hanging there. Wash your hair, pump a bit more. As
you wash other parts of your body, pause to either pump more, or deflate
and pump back up. All told it will only add 2-3 minutes to your shower.
After surgery, it will also feel really good to get out of the shower and be
able to see your best friend again - right as you remember him!
In addition to helping tissue rehab, this will also help bring back normal erections. There are many
psychological benefits from this as well. You can begin to visualize yourself as a sexual person again
instead of a cancer patient or some science experiment. Seeing your penis at its normal size (or in
some cases even bigger) is a huge boost to morale.
Re-hab video
coming soon
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VED's are often a huge benefit when used along with other ED treatments.

oral drugs, using a pump - even without the ring - can help get your penis to its fullest. The old
adage, "Nothing breeds success like success" is also true in ED. "Nothing helps an erection like an
erection." As the Cavernosa fill and engorge the penis, they also crowd and crimp the veins draining
the penis and partially close them off - thus increasing the engorgement, and squeezing the veins
and so goes the happy cycle. Oral meds are often helped if the veins can be partially closed by the
engorged cavernosa; it sort of boosts the process.
With injections, getting the drug to stay in the cavernosa long enough to be effective can be a
challenge. To help with this: Partially pump the penis, put on a ring and then inject. The medicine
stays right where it needs to stay and the results can be much better. A slightly enlarged penis can
is also an easier target for the needle. Picture the cavernosa as two of those long skinny balloons. If
they are deflated and kind of flat, it can be pretty hard to hit the middle of one. If these balloons are
inflated slightly, it suddenly becomes much easier to hit the middle of one of those cavernosa. Once
fully erect, remove the ring.